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Specialties for the undergraduates
Specialties for the postgraduates
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Discipline Categories Specialty Designation
Law Basic Principles of Marxism
Ideological & Political Education
Studies of Localization of Marxism in China
Pedagogics Course & Pedagogics
PE & Training
Higher Education
Arts Chinese Language and Literature
Foreign Linguistics & Applied Linguistics
History History of Particular Subjects
World History
Sciences Basic Mathematics
Biological Chemistry & Molecule Biology
Condensed Physics
Physical Chemistry
Applied Mathematics
Engineering Timber Science and Technology
Electric Electron & Transmission
Mechanical Design & Theory
Computer Application Technology
Applied Chemistry
Agriculture Forestry Cultivation
Garden Plant & Visual Horticulture
Wild Animals & Plants'Protection & Use
Forest Safeguard
Medicine Anatomy and Tissue Embryology
Pathology and Pathological Physiology
Clinical Laboratory Test and Diagnostics
Dermatology and Venereal Disease
Pharmaceutical Analysis
Internal Medicine
Image & Nucleon Medicine
Pathogen Biology
Management Business Management
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