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Visit of the Delegation from Fukuoka Institute of Technology 
Chen Xiaoguang’s Inspection 
Visit of Head of Students’ Affairs from Kongju National University 
Changes of Chinese-English Website 
Competition of Secondary-class Websites 
Dr. Margarret R. Gale’s Visit 
Visit of a Delegation from Korea Chung Cheong Buk-do 
Head of the Department of Science and Technology, Mao Jian’s Visit 
Visit of the Delegation from UHI 
Visit of Leaders in Xihua University 
Visit of Lu Lianda, Head of Education Department 
Cardiovascular Internal Medicine and Medical Examination Appointed as Important  
Successful Performance of Three Teachers in America  
Dr.Wang Zhigang ‘s Paper Reproduced by Xinhua Digest  
Major Construction Discussion on Landscape Gardening  
Three Majors' Enrollment from 2008  
Attendance of Representative of National Scholarship  
1st Closing Ceremony of Learning the Language of Manchu  
Seminar of Innovation Education and Designing Competition  
Zhang Xiaodong's Visit and Guidance  
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