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Beihua University Organize to Do Rescue and Relief Work

    On July 28th, many reservoirs in Yongji County were in danger due to heavy rain and flood. On the afternoon of the 28th, Beihua University called for an emergent meeting discussing on rescue and relief work. At the meeting, Tang Yongchun, secretary of the Party Committee gave a motivation speech. He said that the school had the responsibility to contribute for the social and economic development of the region. Facing the disaster at this critical moment, it was a undeniable duty for us the help. It has been decided that 30 cadres and medical staff from administration, logistics and the hospital should be sent to the area. Meanwhile, capable faculties from every departments and colleges were ready for further order.
  In the after, Tang Yongchun leading the team, leaders such as Tong Chengchun, Qu Yongyin, Zhang Guohua, and Wang Nailong ect. left for Yongji County. They brought with them a lot of medicine, food and water with 2 buses for transportation.

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