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Wang Nailong Appointed Vice-president of Beihua University

    On the morning of May 28th, Deputy-director Yu Huayang of Provincial Department of Organization, Committee Secretary Zhou Huachen of Jilin City, Deputy-dirctor Xiong Yue from Jilin Provincial Committee of College, Zhang Zhijun, deputy secretary of Jilin City and director of Department of Organization, Deputy Mayor Zhao Jingbo, etc. came to Beihua University and announced the decision of appointing Wang Nailong vice-president of the school.
  Wang Nailong, male, born in March 1956, was once the deputy district chief of Fengman District, a member and deputy district chief and district chief of Changyi District Committee, secretary-general of the government of Jilin City.
  Wang Nailong, in his speech, expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to learn and work in a university, and would make a great contribution on education, scientific research in the future.
  Zhou Huache said the appointment was a measure for cadre exchange. He also noted that Wang Nailong was excellent, modest and fond of learning. He was also a man of discipline. Zhou said that he hoped that more leaders in the college could work in the government for better cadre structure. And in the future the local government would provide support and service for a better development of local colleges.
  Party Secretary Tang Yongchun hosted the conference and gave a speech. He was thankful for the care from the government and for sending such a great person at an crucial moment, which would be a tremendous push for Beihua’s development.
  People in charge also attended the conference.

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