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Experts from Sterling International Inc. Give Reports in Beihua University

    On April 22nd, Professor Zhang Qinghe, doctor in Sterling International Inc. of USA, on invitation of School of Forestry of Beihua University, gave a report for teachers and postgraduates of the College of Forestry on forest pest management theory, technique and trade centered by information and chemical materials.
  Professor Zhang gave a broad introduction of the current research situation on information and chemical materials on pests, their position in pest management, market prospect and successful examples. He gave a detailed explanation on extraction, identification, composition, and biometrics on information compound of pest, and the key techniques on pest monitor and species control. He also exchanged ideas with teachers on problems in main forest pest information compounds in Jilin Province.
  The meeting was hosted by Professor Meng Qingfan, director of Science and Technology Division. Professor Gao Changqi, deputy director of Jilin Forestry Science Academy, and Professor Qi Jizhong, dean of the College of Forestry attended the meeting.

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