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President Liu Hezhong Attend the Forth Confucius Institute Conference


The Forth Confucius Institute Conference opened from Dec. 11th to 13th in Beijing. State Council Councilor Liu Yandong, Minister Yuan Guiren and Deputy Minister Hao Ping from Ministry of Education, and 500 presidents and representatives from 87 countries and regions all around the world attended the meeting. President Liu hezhong of Beihua University, on behalf of college presidents of Confucius constitutes from 87 countries also attended the meeting.

Confucius Institute is a unofficial institute facing the world that conducts Chinese education, trains Chinese teachers and introduces Chinese culture. With the rapid rise of “Chinese Fever”, there are more than 40 million people learning Chinese as their non-mother tongue. Since the first Confucius Institute was founded in Korea in 2004, so far there have been over 280 institutes in 88 countries around the globe. The institute has become an important platform for foreigners to learn Chinese and learn things about China.

On April 21st 2007, Confucius Institute, co-founded by Beihua University and Korean Kangwon National University, officially opened. Since it was founded, several basic, junior and senior courses were held in Gangwon-do and Chuncheon city. Only in year 2009, 494 oversea students were recruited. In 2009, approved by the headquarter of Confucius Institute, our school has become the 83rd university that accepts oversea students on Confucius Institute Scholarship. This is another significant breakthrough since our school became the recipient towards students on the government scholarships in 2007.

  The annual conference started in 2006. This conference also held Confucius Institute resource exhibition and multi-language exhibition, aiming to present excellent textbooks, model courses, and new ideas and measures from all Confucius Institutes to promote Chinese teaching and the spread of Chinese culture.

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