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10th Anniversary of Beihua University Amalgamation and 103 Years of School-Runni


  Hundreds of inheritance and heritage haven been passed down, and ten years of teaching is of great significance. On Sep. 19th, there were flowers colorful balloons and flags at east campus. There was happiness everywhere. At 10 o’clock in the morning, leaders from all circles, honorary guests, alumni at home and abroad, and students and staff of Beihua University got together at the east campus and celebrated the amalgamation anniversary and 103 years of school-running and inheritance.
  The opening ceremony started by Song of Red Flag performed by the symphony orchestra of the school, Song to Beijing given by music major graduates of grade 1986, actors from National Singing and Dancing Group, and China Orient Singing and Dancing Group, and young singer Xiao Jin, poem Charming Beihua read by teachers and students.
  The ceremony was hosted by Party Secretary Tang Yongchun of Beihua University.
  More than 200 people such as leaders from the Education Ministry, National Forestry Bureau, Jilin Provincial government, Jilin Provincial People's Political Consultative Conference, Jilin Municipal Government Committee, Jilin Municipal Government, and provincial education department, representatives from friendly colleges at home and broad, friendly units, representatives of alumni, former and current leaders of the school, were seated at the platform.
  When Tang Yongchun declared that the ceremony started, salutes were loud through the air, which symbolized the 10—year amalgamation process. Thousands of pigeons flew into the sky and colorful balloons rising up, which added up the atmosphere.
  Tang Xianqiang, secretary of the Party Organization of Jilin Provincial People's Political Consultative Conference and standing deputy director, set free the “Beihua Developing Rocket”. 10 rockets made by the student of the school flew directly into the sky with wishes written on the scrolls dripping from the parachutes attached to the rockets.
  On this occasion of amalgamation anniversary, Sang Weiguo from NPC (National People’s Congress) delightedly wrote an inscription for the school: Put education first and always be creative.
  On the ceremony, Zhu Xinjun, former member of the Education Ministry, Party Organization director of National Linguistics Committee, and president of Chinese Adult Education Association read the congratulation letter sent by the Education Ministry. Yang Lianqing, director of the Department of Personnel and Education, read the congratulation letter from the National Forestry Bureau. Letters from Secretary Wang Min of Jilin Provincial Committee, Government Han Changbin of the provincial government, Jilin Municipal Committee and Government, were read. People who also sent letters and telegraphs to the school were Undersecretary Hao Ping of National Education Ministry, Chinese Embassy in Cuba, Xinhua News Agency in Washington, Chinese Academy of Forestry, Harbin Industry University, Jilin Agriculture University, Hongkong Tinkaping Fund, alumni at home and abroad, and international friends.
  Deputy Government Chen Xiaoguang gave a speech on the ceremony, and sent warm congratulations to students and teachers on behalf of the provincial government. Chen Xiaoguang said “Beihua University is a key comprehensive university of the province, which has great school-running tradition. In the long-term school-running practice, Beihua University holds on to serve for the local economic and social development, and has sent more than 100 thousands professionals. It has contributed a lot to the development of the traditional industry basis, local basic education, medical treatment and sanitation. Since the amalgamation, Beihua University has always headed to the correct direction on school running, taken initiative meeting the needs education and economic development, pushing forward the education reform. A brilliant school-running feature and unique advantage have been formed. The school has become the base of talents training in Jilin Province and the Jilin district, scientific support and culture guidance.”
  Chen Xiaoguang also said “Over the past few years, the municipal committee and the government have supported Beihua University on its construction and development. And they will care and support the school in the future. I hope that the school will take the anniversary as an opportunity to carry on value of scientific development, actively think of new paths and new measures of development, try to make progress on reviving the Jilin traditional industry base, train more talents for the city, and do more contribution for the social and economic development of the province. At last, I wish Beihua University a more splendid and brilliant future. ”
  Warmly welcomed by the applause from the alumni, teachers and students, President Liu Hezhong gave the speech. On behalf of all staff and students in Beihua University, Liu Hezhong warmly welcomed the leaders, guest, and alumni who were present, sent regards to former school leaders and retired staff for their energy and devotion to the university, and expressed gratitude to leaders and people of all circles who cared and supported the construction and development of the school.
  Liu Hezhong reviewed 103 Years of School-Running and Inheritance and 10-year development since amalgamation. He said “Over the past 10 years, we have based on the amalgamation becoming a tight unit, which has followed the trend of development on higher education, created broader space for development. Over the decades, we have strengthened the resource integration, which has been profitable. The school has become the key comprehensive university of good school-running facilities and higher level on school running. We have grabbed the chance, realized the inner development, formed the characteristic of applicable training on undergraduates, and school-running feature of offering high-tech service for local economic and social development. Over the decade, we have devoted to upgrade as a whole, broaden the influence, and has turned from a regular university to a leading key university within the province and featured university within the country.”
  Liu Hezhong also said “Today, facing the milestone with our honors and dreams, achievements and pursuit of the forebears written on it, we feel that we still have huge responsibility and a long way to go. We will carry on steadily on the Party’s education plan, be guided by the value of scientific development, follow the rules on education, stick to a coordinated development among scale, quality, structure and profit, and always pursue a harmonious unity between scientific spirit and humanity. The school will take talents training as foundation, take subject construction as a lead, take teaching staff construction as a key point, and take the comprehensive nature of the school as advantage. Beihua University will actively conduct social service, and step forward to the goal of becoming a key comprehensive university of the province with distinctive features and advantage, and influential at home and abroad.”
  On the celebration conference, Party Secretary Sheng Lianxi from Northeast Normal University, on behalf of the friendly colleges and units at home gave a speech. Those who also gave speeches are President Tadao of Shiga University of Medical Science on behalf of the friendly colleges abroad, finance director of COFCO Group Limited and alumnus Zheng Hongbo of Grade 1997 on behalf of all alumni, and dean of the College of Mechanics and Engineering Jiang Shengyuan on behalf of all the teachers and students of the school. They all hoped that the school would take this opportunity, strive to create an Innovative and beautiful future.
  Tang Yongchun said on the conference, “In the past years, Beihua University and 4 colleges existed before the amalgamation, have gone through hardships in the beginning. The dreams of many generations of Beihua people have been deeply rooted in the blood, which has been the spiritual support and source of strength of Beihua people when they face challenges. ”
  At last, Tang Yongchun said, “When thinking of the past, we have unforgettable memory and happiness of success. When celebrating today, we spread seeds of hope and unite together. The hundred years of inheritance and a decade of striving have been merged in the river of history. Today, Beihua University will take this university anniversary as a new starting point. With mission on the shoulder, we will inherit from the past and create the future. We deeply believe that under the guidance of the value of scientific development, with the unchanging care and support from every leader, guest, friend and alumnus, with the hard work from all Beihua people, Beihua University will have a better future.”
  Journalists from more than 10 news media has come to Beihua University for this special occasion, such as Xinhua News Agency, Guangming Daily, China Youth Daily, China Education Daily, China Economic Herald, Science Times, North Weekly, Jilin Daily, Jilin People’s Broadcasting Station, Jilin Television Station, Jilin Education Television Station, Jiangcheng Daily, Jiangcheng Evening Paper, Jilin City Television Station, Jilin City People’s Broadcasting Station, Jilin City Economic Broadcasting Station. Television Station of Jilin City tape-recorded the whole celebration conference.
  With the song Good News from Beijing Spread to Countryside performed by the symphony orchestra of the school, the celebration ended in perfect.

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