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Beihua University and Applied Linguistic Institute of Education Ministry Sign Ag


  On Sep. 18th, President Liu Hezhong of Beihua University and Director Yao Xishuang from Applied Linguistic Institute of Education Ministry signed an agreement. Two parties will conduct cooperation on research and training on applied linguistics. Zhu Xinjun, former member of Education Ministry and secretary of Party Organization of National Language Committee attended the signing ceremony.
  The signing ceremony was hosted by Vice-president Qu Yongyin. Leaders from Scientific Research Office attended the ceremony.
  Liu Hezhong and Yao Xishuang gave warm speeches, expressing their good wish for further cooperation and hope for the future. Liu Hezhong said that the cooperation agreement between the two parties was so far one of the most valuable academic affairs during the anniversary of the school, which was of great significance for the subject construction, team construction and talents training on applied linguistics.
  Zhu Xinjun also gave a speech on the ceremony. He said that work related to language and words were very important and hard. To take the most of research ability of colleges will be helpful to this work. Research institute and colleges work together for a new way hoping the collaboration will solve two problems, which are language standard information processing. He wished a great fruitful success on the  cooperation and hoped that the school would have its features, more prosperous and step to a higher level.
  After signing the agreement, both parties will undertake advanced task on scientific research program and talents training under the framework of the agreement. In the field of subject construction and talents training, Applied linguistic institute of Education Ministry will help the school strengthen the subject advantage and key subject construction, and offer help and support on building doctoral and master degree program. The school will hire researchers from applied linguistic institute as guest professors to tutor graduates. On scientific research field, both parties will support each other, select projects of common interest for cooperative research, apply for national and provincial research programs, and provide academic trends and information for each other. The school will spare no effort supporting the institute coming for lectures. Maintaining the academic level, teachers from the school could publish or co-publish articles with people from the institute in Applied Linguistics.
  Both parties also agree to set up cooperation coordination team, which is in charged by a vice-president or a deputy director. An annual meeting will be held among the team to coordinate cooperation-related affairs, seeking for cooperation path, widening cooperative fields, create new cooperative methods, pushing forward cooperative process, and summarizing experience.
  On the signing ceremony, Liu Hezhong announced the first guest professor name list from the institute and delivered the employing certificates. Yao Xishuang, Jin Guangjin, and Ye Qing are the first three guest professors employed by the school.

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