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Academician Jiang Youxu Give Lecture

    On the afternoon of Sep. 18th, Jiang Youxu, academician of china academy of sciences and researcher from Chinese Academy of Forestry, gave a lecture for teachers and students in Beihua University on how to deal with ecology development in China with changing world. This is the second report, which is a part of the activities to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Beihua University Amalgamation and 103 Years of School-Running and Inheritance.
  Academician Jiang Youxu discussed ecological issues like international emission reduction and global warming, the changes of weather in China and the disaster forecast, and measures to global changes and China’s measures towards the changing climate. He also confirmed the significant contribution of forest towards carbon emission and international emission reduction.
  Jiang Youxu is a well-known forestry ecologist, researcher and honorary director of the Rescarch Institute of Forest Ecology, Environment and Protection of the Chinese Academy of Forestry. In 1999 he became an Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences. He is also an associate editor for Forestry Science and Forestry Scientific Research, and a member of the editor committee of Plant Ecology Journal and Pest Management and Wild Animal Journal. He was the secretary of China Ecology Academy, the researcher of International Ecology Academy, a member of Chinese Committee for the International Geosphere-Biosphere, a member of National Climate Committee and National Nature Award Committee. In September 2001, he was employed by Beihua University as distinguished professor.

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