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Sang Guowei of NPC Write an Inscription for 10th Anniversary of Beihua Universit

    Celebrating 10th Anniversary of Beihua University Amalgamation and 103 Years of School-Running and Inheritance, Sang Weiguo from NPC (National People’s Congress) delightedly wrote an inscription for the school: Put education first and always be creative.
  For the celebration of the school’s anniversary, Secretary of Jilin Provincial Committee Wang Min, Governor Han Changbin, Government and Committee of Jilin City sent letters. Deputy Minister Hao Ping of Education Ministry, Chinese Embassy in Cuba, Xinhua News Agency in Washington, Research Institute of Wood Industry, Harbin Industry University, Jilin Agriculture University, Tin Ka Ping Foundation in Hong Kong, friends from all circles, alumni at home and abroad, international friends all send letters and telegraphs for the occasion.

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