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Alumni Sun Shidong Donate 500 thousand Yuan to Beihua University


    In March 2009, a Jianfeng Road appeared in the East Campus of Beihua University. There are trees transplanted from the West Campus standing on both sides of the road that make the campus lively in winter.
  The road, whose former name was Tiaozhan Road, is rebuilt with 500 thousand Yuan by Sun Shidong, who is the president of Beijing Jian Feng Biotechnology Co., Ltd., and named Jianfeng Road.
  Sun Shidong graduated from the former Jilin Medical College and later worked in the clinical laboratory of Beijing Hospital. In 1996, he founded Beijing Jian Feng Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Nowadays, the company has 6 offices and more than 100 branches in the country with its business involved in medical treatment diagnose, clinic, environment protection and culture circle. Mr. Sun Shiping shows keen interest in public welfare establishments, helping children who can’t go to school, making donation to Guangcai Primary School, giving assistance to disaster areas, supporting constructions in the west and the construction of the country. In 2007, Sun Shidong set up Jianfeng Scholarship in the university, and endows Medical College with 20 thousand Yuan yearly to encourage the medical students who have decent character and great score.


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