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Changes of Chinese-English Website

    On the morning of 28th, there held the changing ceremony of Chinese-English Website of Beihua University. The vice president Tong Chengchun attended and started the new website in the first floor meeting room.
Chinese-English website upgrades full-scale on format, contents and connection after the endeavor of more than half a year and researching, improving for many times. This change underwent more than half a year, renewed website design, effect of the page, technological safety at the back to make up for the shortage of original website, improve the function of the service, enlarge the propaganda of information, increase the technological safety of the websites and lay firm foundation for the construction and administration of our website of our school.
Chinese-English website is the platform for teachers and students’ learning information in our school on time, the bridge of communicating with other universities, the window of exchanging and cooperating with other universities at home and abroad. This change is the first one sine amalgamating, which would play an important role in the development of modern official, share resources and external propaganda, enlarge the influence of our school and increase social reputation of our school.

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