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Visit of a Delegation from Korea Chung Cheong Buk-do

    Requested by People’s Republic Government of Jilin Province, a delegation headed by Governor Zung Woo Teak from Korea Chung Cheong Buk-do, a group of 22 persons visited our school on April 16th, 2008, accompanied by the head of the office of Foreign Affairs in Jilin city, Liu Changmu, vice head, Wu Guojun and other persons related. The vice president Tong Chengchun, the head of the office of International Exchange and Cooperation, Xiao Degang met the delegation. Firstly Tong Chengchun gave a general introduction of the development of Beihua University and the situation of international exchange and cooperation with Korean universities, and then both parties discussed and exchanged their views on interested topic..

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