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Head of the Department of Science and Technology, Mao Jian’s Visit

    OIn the afternoon of April 9th, the head of the Department of Science and Technology, Mao Jian and a group of 5 persons visited us, accompanied by the vice mayor of Jilin city, Zhu Tianshu. Deputy of secretary, Zhang Lianbin, the president, Liu Hezhong, vice president, Qu Yongyin and other persons related attended this meeting.
Zhang Lianbin expressed the welcome to this group, and thanks to the leaders in province and city for their support and help, introduced the development of our school in recent years. Qu Yongyin reported on the situation of our science and technology and prospects and programs.
  Mao Jian expressed his affirm to our school’s development in recent years and gave a praise to the achievement of our science and technology. He said that, the science and technology of Beihua developed at a fast speed and got its own features; during its development, Beihua showed its advantages in mergence, which was successful specimen among the merged universities. He said they would try their best to support and help the development of science and technology of Beihua University to forster its development.
  Mao Jian and his group visited the Center of Life and Science and the Center of Analysis and Test accompanied by leaders in our school and our city.

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