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Visit of Lu Lianda, Head of Education Department

     In the afternoon of March 20th, the head of the Department of Education, Lu Lianda, who took office just now, came to our university, with a group of 7 persons. Lu Lianda affirmed our achievement from the establishment and put forward the hopes of school's future.
   Leaders from the Department of Education are the head of the office, Liu Demin, the chief of the Department of Development, Yang Shuqiu, the finance and audit director, Li Chunyi, the chief of institutions of higher learning, Jin Guoqing, the director of Science and Industry, Qi Xin and chief clerk of the office, Xiong Yue.
   In the second Meeting-room, Lu Lianda and other leaders heard our report. Leaders of our school, Zhang Lianbin, Li Haogen, Tong Chengchun, Xie Wenyi, Zhang Bo, Qu Yongyin, Gao Xin and Ouyang Jun attended the report.
   Deputy of secretary, Zhang Lianbin introduced our orientation of running the school, basic condition, the scale, ranks of teachers, achievement on science and research, international exchange and operation and so on, reported the construction of “Quality Project”, application of Doctor degree, integration of four districts recently, put forth the problems that is the building and development of the campus, running scale and construction of majors, running funds, earnestly requested special attention and help from the Department of Education.
   Zhang Lianbin expressed the gratitude to Lu Lianda's visit since his assuming, support from each department in the Department of Education. We are determined to carry out the scientific concept of development, develop fine traditions, run our school to satisfy the faculty, students and all social sectors and create our beautiful future, with the help of all leaders.
   The directors who accompanied Lu Lianda to visit put forth specific advice respectively.
After hearing the report, Lu Lianda expressed that, it is the responsibility for the Department of Education to serve for each institution of higher learning. He affirmed our achievement and contribution to local economy and social development since the establishment.
   He told that Beihua University was in a period of rapid development with its correct running orientation, achievement from scientific research and subject construction. During carrying out scientific concept of development, Beihua University should use its brain, study running experience of other universities at home and abroad, develop fine traditions to win good fame. They would coordinate local government to get deal with the problem of building and integrating 4 districts. We should collect more local source and combine with the focus of social development. It was important to carry out quality project, so does scientific innovation.
   After the report, a group of Lu Lianda visited our library, the exhibition of College Students' Scientific Innovation and Practicing Activity Achievement and Research Center of Life and Science, with the accompany of leaders in our school.

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