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1st Closing Ceremony of Learning the Language of Manchu

     On January 12th, 2008, the 1st closing ceremony of learning the language of Manchu and Mr. Wang Jianxun's donation were held in Tian Jiabing Teaching Building in South district. The director of East Asia History and Culture Research Center, the director of Non-material Culture Heritage (the language and culture of Manchu) Institute, Professor Zheng Yi, the vice director, Liu Guoshi, adviser, Liu Housheng, Mr. Meng Xianfa who works in Changchun University, the president of Jian Xun Piano School, Mr. Wang Jianxun, all students of 1st advanced class of the language Manchu and the journalists in TV station, Jiangcheng Daily, and Urban Evening Paper took part in it. Mr. Wang Jianxun donated 5,000 RMB to the Research Center.
Zheng Yi gave a lecture on the ceremony, congratulated to all students, expressed his thanks to the donation of Mr. Wang and looked forward to the students' contribution in Manchu's future. Zheng Yi, Liu Housheng, Liu Guoshi and Mr. Wang Jianxun granted the document to 55 students who passed the exam.

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