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Seminar of Innovation Education and Designing Competition

     On January, 12th, 2008, the seminar of Innovation Education and Designing Competition of Mechanic Innovation was held in our school, which was sponsored by the Department of Education in Jl Province and Jilin area committee of the 3rd National College Students' Mechanic Innovation Designing Competition and undertook by Beihua University, there were 118 persons took part in this seminar, including the director of the Department of High Education in the Department of Education, Xu Shibin, the director of the committee, Pan Yuxue, who works in Mechanic and Electric College in Changchun University of Science and Technology, Tan Qingchang, who works in Mechanic College in Jilin University, Wang Zhanli, who works in Changchun University of Technology and other 15 experts in Jilin province.
This seminar was the largest academic conference on mechanics. Teachers in each school aired their own views and promoted to keep in touch with each other to discuss how to culture talents personnel to serve for the social development.
After the seminar, the staff visited the Innovation and Practice Base, Open Lab and Engineering Training Center of Mechanic College, which got a high praise.

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