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Prof. Sun Xin's Attendance of APCC and Award

     The 16th Asian Pacific Congress of Cardiology (APCC) was held in International Conference Center of Taibei from Dec. 13th to 17th, 2007. There were 1500 researchers in this field, who come from China, America and other 19 countries and areas, attended this congress, presented their latest developments and had academic exchange on arteriosclerosis and 18 subjects.
   The conference establishes two awards: excellent thesis prize and outstanding youth research prize, six persons won the prizes. Professor Sun Xin, who works in Life Science Research Center of Medical Department, was invited to attend this conference and make a speech, won “Outstanding Youth Research Prize” at the same time. This prize is to praise outstanding youth scientific researchers less than 40 years old, Prof. Sun Xin is the sole winner in the mainland China. His research achievement is “Horizontal Mechanism Research on Arteriosclerosis Split Element”, which was presented and got a high praise. It had been the second time for him to get a prize from international conference since he returned to Beihua University in 2006. (Sun Xin won “The 3rd Award of the Best Poster” on the 5th APOCB Congress in Beijing in October, 2005.)
   Prof. Sun Xin had academic exchange with other researchers, he introduced recent scientific advance and achievement of Beihua University, which expanded the academic influence of Beihua University in Asia and pacific areas.

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