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1st National Applied Linguistics Dean (Director) Forum

     By co-operation of the Ministry of Education Institute of Applied Linguistics and the office of Chinese Language Council International, the 1st National Applied Linguistics Dean (Director) Forum was held by our school from December 20th to 22nd, vice-minister of Education, director of National Language Committee, Zhao Qinping attended the opening ceremony and made his speech. Zhao pointed out that applied linguistics is an important subject supported the national language, the development of applied linguistics concerns the training of talented personnel on applied linguistics, the quality of language's application and research, academic advance of language. We should develop the branches of subjects demanding in contemporary society, form more complete educational system of applied linguistics, establish some research bases and personnel-training bases on applied linguistics, cultivate versatile applied linguistic talents with academic view and sense of creation to meet the national need of applied linguistic talents and achievement.
   The topics of this forum are “To Build Harmonious Language Life”, “Subjects' Construction, Development of Applied Linguistics and International Extension of Chinese Language”, dozens of experts and researchers from Beijing, Shanghai, Jilin, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Hubei and Guangdong, discussed “To Build Harmonious Language Life”, “Subjects' Construction, Development of Applied Linguistics”, “International Extension of Chinese Language”, “Language Research in its own Field” and so on.
   Jilin Daily, Chinese Education reported this forum, Educational TV station of Jilin province, TV station of Jilin city and Economic radio station of Jilin city reported this forum as well.

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